If you are planning a trip to Beijing, you will want to prepare your itinerary as well as research some of the good restaurants in town. There is a lot of rich cultural heritage to experience in Beijing.

Make sure to note all the main tourist spots that you must see such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Olympic Village, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube Stadiums and the Tongrentang Chinese Medicine Institute.

You will do so much sightseeing and shopping during a China vacation. In addition, you are able to taste authentic Chinese food while you visit all the popular attractions in Beijing. There are plenty restaurants that are located in these main tourist spots which are good. However, it is difficult to choose a restaurant. This is why it will help to do a bit of research before you travel, so you are prepared to select a restaurant quickly during your tour guides.

There is no shortage of restaurants, but you must be able to choose the best or at least the tourist recommended restaurants in Beijing. Here are some best authentic Chinese and European inspired restaurants in Beijing for you to consider:

1. Temple Restaurant Beijing 

If on your first day you want to try a western restaurant in Beijing, the Temple Restaurant Beijing would be a good choice. The restaurant serves European-inspired dining with tasty extras like cheese puffs and homemade marshmallows. It contemporary ambiance fused with local elements make the dining comfortable, while still traditional. It offers a bar and restaurant service with a wide variety of delicious meals. This restaurant is situated near the Forbidden City.

2. Lao ZhaiYuan

Offering a more traditional style restaurant, Lao ZhaiYuan is famous for its roasted duck served with sweet sauce. This ultra-local eatery is not far from the Forbidden City. You can take a nice walk to the restaurant especially if you are carving for the classic duck and local favorite cuisine. This restaurant offers an authentic experience. It is a courtyard home that is converted into a traditional Chinese restaurant.

3. Courtyard Restaurant

The Great Wall of China is an architectural marvel that stretches back more than 2000 years, defending the country’s borders. While visiting this great monument, you may want to try the best restaurant in the area known for its enjoyable regional Chinese cuisine. The Courtyard restaurant can accommodate up to 150 guests. It includes a bar and private rooms with a garden for tour groups. You can also admire the view of the Shuiguan mountains, while you enjoy your meal.

4. Quanjude Restaurant

This is a traditional Chinese restaurant is another restaurant you can try when visiting the Great Wall. It is known for its famous Peking roast duck served in different styles. It has a long history since establishment in the year 1864 and it one of the restaurants that is highly praised by heads of state, government officials and tourists. Apart from its popular roast duck dishes, the restaurant services other kinds of meats and seafood dishes. You can relish your meals with additional side dishes and condiments such as the sweet plum sauce.

5. Made in China

The Made in Chain Restaurant is part of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Like most local restaurants, this particular restaurant is known for its Peking duck. Tourists even in backpacks and sneakers can access its fine ambience and comfortable seating as there is no particular dress code. You can enjoy the Beijing specialty and watch the fascinating chefs in action preparing dumpling, hot wok dishes and more. The glassed covered kitchens offers a theater view of chefs in action for the enthusiastic foodies curious to see how the ingredients come together.

6. Lost Heaven

Many tourists recommend the Lost Heaven for its extensive menu, attentive service and flavored meals. This restaurant specializes in folk cuisine of the Yunnan province located in Southwest China. The spices have been toned down a bit to suit the palate of all tourists and locals alike. The Lost Heaven restaurant is recognized for its tapestry of ethnic tastes all the way from a province of lakes, mountains and township homes.

7. Dali Courtyard

If you are visiting the Tiananmen Square you should stop to try this charming little courtyard restaurant. It offers quality service and freshness. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with wooden furniture. You can certainly enjoy a homemade meal at this restaurant. Of course, there is no ‘a la carte’ menu but a set lunch and dinner for a fixed price. Do not let the limited menu stop you from trying authentic Yunnan food and its exotic flavors.

8. Opera Bombana

You will be surprised to know that there is an Italian glitzy restaurant in Beijing. You can eat truffle, pastas, risottos, seafood and desserts along with freshly baked breads and pastries. The restaurant boosts high ceilings, subtle lighting, a relaxing environment and classy seating. Now you can enjoy fine dining in Beijing as well.

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