The available types of RVs (recreational vehicles) vary in shape, size, and even pricing. There are however some factors to consider when choosing an ideal camping trailer. These include the number of people travelling, or how often you intend to use the RV. Here is a list of ten RVs you might want to consider the next time you go camping.

1. Standard Travel Trailers

These trailers come in different sizes, layouts and price range. Ideally, they are supposed to offer full kitchens, bathrooms and sleeping spaces. They are popular among campers since they provide luxurious amenities comparable to those of a Class A or Class C motorhome. Whether you are buying or renting a standard travel trailer, you will definitely find something within your budget.

2. Toy Haulers

Another name for this type of RV is ‘sports utility recreational vehicle.’ It allows space for your adult toys such as motorbikes, ATV, golf cart, and sea doo. It is conveniently designed with a door that converts into a landing ramp to make movement easy. Manufacturers have now started building class C, Super C, and Class A Gas toy hauler homes. Unless you are buying the motor home, you might not get the luxury of a generator. Toy haulers have limited exterior storage.

3. Pop-Up Campers

This is a type of RV that pops up when the camper is parked. Since they are not heavy, they are easy for any car to tow them around, even a sedan. People who prefer using this type of RV are usually looking for something compact, but which is still is big enough to provide some living space.

Typically, these types of camping trailers have a kitchenette and two sleeping areas with a capacity to accommodate up to six people. It is ideal for people on a shoestring budget who nonetheless crave for the kind of luxury that comes with pop-up RVs.

4. Fifth Wheel Trailers

Are you looking for a trailer that offers you luxury, Class A size, and enables you to park and explore your area fearlessly? The fifth wheel is what you are looking for. They have lengths of up to 45 feet and offer layouts for couples and big families. They are often fitted with full kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities.

Some of them come with an outdoor kitchen and television. Often, they are extremely heavy, and you will need a heavy-duty truck for safe pulling. Due to its large size, your camping ground options are limited.

5. Travel Trailers

These types of camping trailers are portable containers with provision for living spaces. They come equipped with the convenience of a home. They are built on top of a standard trailer layout and depending on your preference, they can be stripped down to bare necessities or feature all manner of luxurious amenities and fixtures. They are fitted with water supplies, kitchens, bathrooms, and tiny fridges.

Since they come in various sizes to fit the needs of the camper, you can pull them with all manner of trucks, vans, or SUVs as long as they can handle the weight. However, like all other trailers, moving around can be a difficult task.

6. Folding Tent Trailers

These are some of the smallest towable RVs. Their collapsible compartments make them easy to store. Some have composite foldable walls while others are made of durable tent canvas. They are ideal for occasional campers since they can be easily towed around. Since they are light, you can pull them using a truck, a station wagon, or a sedan.

These types of camping trailers come equipped with just the basic essentials for survival. They are however generally comfortable for camping, although it is difficult to store anything in them due to their design. Besides, their foldable joints are prone to wear and tear.

7. Teardrop Trailers

These RVs get their name from their small, yet unique size. They are compact, lightweight vehicles that can easily be pulled by a variety of vehicles. Some feature a kitchen, a bathroom, a couch, an air conditioner, a dining table, and a bed. Since they are small, some teardrop trailers feature an outside kitchen and barely have enough storage space.

8. Truck Campers

These are also referred to as slide-in campers or camper shells. They are attached to pick-up trucks and have lengths of between 5 to 21 feet. Some provide for minimal accommodation while others come fitted with full kitchens, dinettes, beds, air conditioning, wastewater and freshwater tanks. For more space, some models have slide-outs. They are highly popular with weekend campers.

9. Class C Motor Homes

One major advantage of this trailer is that you ride inside your RV instead of pulling it. It has an easily accessible kitchen and bathroom. They come in a variety of lengths and foot plans and can pull between 5000 to 8000 pounds. Setting up a Class C motor home is much easier compared to a towable RV.

10. Class B Motor Homes

These trailers are fitted with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed. Since they are the size of a van, they can fit in any standard driveway. They are ideal for two people and easy to get in and out of. They are however too tiny and feature a marine bathroom.

There you go! Ten types of camping trailers to choose from. The best is one that adequately serves your need, and which you can afford.