When you’re sending souvenirs, you want to make sure that your vacation souvenirs arrive to the recipient in perfect condition. If the items are damaged on arrival, this will negatively affect your reputation! For this reason, you need to ensure your souvenirs are packed in a way that avoids such incidents. An effective way to do this is by using bubble mailers when possible.

Also known as padded mailers, these envelopes have bubble wrap embedded in them, adding extra protection yet still remaining lightweight. They offer many advantages to those who make regular deliveries, and want to ensure the safety and security of all their souvenirs.

1. Versatile

Bubble mailers are used by many people because they are versatile. These envelopes come in sizes that range from 5×9 to 14×19, meaning that you will probably be able to find a perfect size for your items to be shipped. Instead of shipping a fragile item with extra protection using a method such as a cardboard box that will definitely add to your overall costs, bubble mailers give you the peace of mind that you have the protection that you need for your items to be shipped safely.

In the event you need a bit of extra space in the bubble mailer and you are hoping you do not have to get a size larger that may add to shipping costs, gussets can be added to the bubble mailer. These are inserts that spread the envelope out more, transforming it into more of a pouch and giving you the extra space you needs for larger, bulkier items.

2. Protective

As mentioned, the damage-free arrival of your items is of utmost importance, so you need to take precautions to avoid the recipient being disappointed by damaged goods. Bubble mailers should be considered because they definitely offer more protection than a regular envelope. Not only will these envelopes keep things safe from being destroyed, they will even keep items safe from scratches that could ruin them if they are more fragile or of sentimental value.

Bubble mailers are push and moisture resistant meaning the items enclosed are safe from being crushed by other deliveries when being transported to its destination and no water from rain or flooding will infiltrate the envelope. The envelopes are also equipped with tamper evident seals meaning if someone opens your shipment it will be noticed and you can take action to have this issue addressed.

3. Lightweight

When sending items in the mail, you want the most cost-effective method of delivery but at the same time want your items to be safe and arrive without damages. Bubble mailers allow you to achieve both of these goals. While still offering great protection to your items when en route to its destination, the envelopes themselves are lightweight and add nothing to the amount that you pay for postage.

4. Low-cost

Because the bubble mailers are so lightweight, by using them you will save on shipping costs because one component when postage fees are calculated is the weight of the package. With most envelopes being equipped with tamper evident, self-seals, money can also be saved on staples and tape often used to close them up. The envelopes themselves are very inexpensive, often available in a pack of multiple mailers for a fraction of the price a box would cost you.

The ability of the mailers to conform to products that they enclose means no fees will be charged to you for oversized items as the envelope will always be the perfect size for all of your souvenirs.

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