Admittedly, flying is a preferred way to travel for many people. It allows you to reach your destination far quicker than driving or by train and it is efficient. But think back to your last flight and the issues you experienced. Crying babies, loud talkers, lack of space, bad food, bathroom lineups, and expensive beverages are common issues of any flight, but what if they did not have to be?

Although the cost of one can be prohibitive to many, if you can afford it, a charter flight is becoming a popular option many people are considering. Below are advantages to charter flights and reasons why booking one may be just the solution you need for your upcoming trip.

1. You choose the passengers

As mentioned, flights can be full of things that make a long flight feel even longer such as crying babies, loud talkers, and people beside you that will not leave you to your own devices. When you book a chartered flight, you do not have to worry about these problems because you choose who boards the flight.

A chartered flight allows you the option of travelling alone and enjoying some peace and quiet or getting some work done, choosing one or two family members or close friends to spend some time with, or pack the airplane to capacity and enjoy a fun-filled trip to your destination. Either way, you are in charge of who joins you on the flight and this will definitely minimize annoyances.

2. Convenient

One of the main reasons why people who are able to usually book charter flights is due to how convenient they are. The flight can be ready to go in as little as 24 hours from the time you book and can depart at a time that you specify.

Commercial airlines are only able to fly to approximately 230 airports in the world, meaning if it does not arrive in the precise location you need to be, you may have to make arrangements from the airport to get to your true destination. Charter flights are not as restricted to where they can land and are able to at approximately 7000 airports worldwide. This allows passengers to get as close as possible to their destination.

3. Easy check-in

Most people who travel dread the procedures at the airport that include going through security, customs, and baggage that usually have extremely long lineups and can cause people to miss flights altogether. Booking a charter flight allows you to drive right to the aircraft directly and board after confirming your identity. This allows each passenger to skip long lineups, board the aircraft, and relax all the way to the destination and still be in compliance with the rules and regulations specified by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority.

When you return from your flight, you will not have to wait in long lines for security and baggage. You will also not have to worry about carrying all of your luggage through airport parking and paying exorbitant parking fees.

4. Travel in luxury

Commercial flights are notorious for lack of arm and leg room, long lineups for the restroom, and food that is usually not up to par. When you book a charter flight, you are guaranteed a trip where you can travel and enjoy some luxurious benefits. These flights have plenty of room to spread out and not have to worry about upsetting anyone.

The person booking the flight is able to make reasonable requests such as alcohol, movies, and snacks being on board which will make your chartered flight even more enjoyable. For overnight flights, charter planes are usually equipped with beds that will allow you a good night’s rest as opposed to trying to curl up in a cramped seat in a commercial flight.