If you have never heard of fixed gear bikes, also called fixie gear bikes, or just fixies, you are missing out. The pedals of a fixie gear bike are always moving, which means you have to pedal continuously. Here are 8 of the advantages of riding a fixed gear bike.

1. Many fixie gear bikes are affordable

Not all fixie gear bikes are cheap, but many of them are very affordable. If you have been thinking about replacing your old bike with a new one, you might find that a stylish fixie will nicely fit your budget.

2. Fixie gear bikes are light and simple


Fixie gear bikes are light, clean and streamlined. They have no gears, no brake levers and cables, and their tires are thin. If you want a light and portable bike that you can ride everyday, a fixie will meet your needs.

3. Fixed gear bikes are easy to maintain

Since fixed gear bikes have less moving parts than 3 speed or 10 speed bikes, they are a lot easier to maintain. Of course, they still need to be maintained properly, but you should be able to spend more time riding your bike, and less time worrying about something not working right.

4. Fixie gear bikes teach you a good pedalling technique

Riding a fixie gear bike will teach you a good pedalling technique. After a while, you will be able to produce more powerful strokes, instead of simply stomping on the pedals. Even if you have been riding a bike for years, switching to a fixie will make you a better rider.

5. Riding a fixie is a good exercise

When you ride a fixie, you are always pedalling. There is no time to rest. This is an excellent way to exercise your leg muscles while burning some calories. When you want to brake with a fixie, all you have to do is pedal backwards until the bike stops.

6. Fixie gear bikes are really fast

Since you have to keep pedalling when you ride a fixie, you keep accelerating. This means that fixie gear bikes can get really, really fast. Riding a fixie everyday is a great workout, but it’s also a lot of fun, especially if you like going fast.

7. A fixie will make you feel more connected to the road

Whenever your fixie gear bike is moving, your legs will be moving as well. This particularity helps fixie gear bike riders feel more connected to the road, and to their surroundings. When you ride your fixie, you will feel every little bump in the road.

8. Fixed gear bikes don’t make a lot of noise

The bicycle parts that usually make the most noise are not included on fixie gear bikes. As a result, fixies are almost silent when compared to 3 speed bikes. This can feel a little weird at first, but it can also be very enjoyable.

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