Most people would freak out if they knew how much work goes into maintaining a cabin. When you’re relaxing and admiring your hard work, you know it’s worth it. In this post, we’ll look at seven tips that will maximize the effort you put in to keep your cabin in good condition!

1. Get The Roof Inspected

Getting someone with a trained eye to look at your roof is a necessity for every cabin. Your roof takes a beating all year from the elements. Looking for damage on a regular basis will help you spot problems while they’re still manageable. Curled and buckled shingles are a sign your roof’s protection is weakening, which can lead to damage, and poor ventilation. It’s worth getting a professional inspection done at least yearly.

2. Reseal Your Doors And Windows

Sealing your doors and windows will improve the energy efficiency of your cabin. If you’re noticing uncomfortable drafts or that it takes a while to heat or cool your cabin, you may be losing energy through cracks in your windows and doors. Resealing your home is a pretty easy project that can save you a ton of money in energy costs throughout the year. Even if you’re not a handy person, resealing is a task you can probably accomplish in a day.

3. Get Maintenance For Your HVAC System

Getting a professional plumber to look at your HVAC system is necessary, especially before winter hits. Inspections reveal signs of wear that need to be repaired before you start using your system heavily. You can help maintain your HVAC system by checking and replacing your air filters on a regular basis. If you keep your windows open a lot and have pets, you may need to change your filters every month.

4. Get A Pest Control Inspection

The last thing you want in your cabin is an infestation. Pests make it their business to find ways into your cabin and begin to expand rapidly. If you start noticing things such as noises inside your walls, gross smells and random damage on your furniture and wiring, then you need to call a professional. Catching an infestation early will save you thousands of dollars.

5. Turn Off The Water During Winter

Undetected plumbing leaks can ruin your floors, walls, and ceilings. When it comes to leaks, repairs are almost never cheap. Look for the main valve near the water meter and close it off for the winter. You should also drain the water inside your plumbing, so it doesn’t freeze as the temperature drops. You can use a RV glycol solution in your pipes to prevent them from freezing. A plumber can also help you winter-proof your cabin.

6. Get Rid Of Branches Hanging Over Your Cabin

That tree that hangs above your cabin may seem innocent, but it can quickly turn into a hazard. Windstorms and snowstorms are notorious for causing overhanging branches to slam against the roof and cause damage. Trimming these branches ahead of time will help you avoid damage to your roof and siding. Getting rid of these branches also gives animals fewer places to hide near your cabin.

7. If Your Cabin Is Made Out Of Wood, Protect It

If you want to maintain the classic appearance of a wood cabin, you need to protect the exterior. Make sure you get cleaning instructions for the type of wood used on your cabin. A simple wipe down and application of a wood protection product goes a long way in protecting the appearance of your cabin from the elements.