Every month of every year people are travelling to different destinations for business and pleasure purposes. Whether you are going on a weekend getaway, a week-long excursion or leaving your home for several weeks, chances are your home will be left unattended. That means that it is a great target for thieves.

Rather than leaving your property vulnerable, you can still protect it.  There are many sophisticated products you can get today to safeguard your home from intruders. Many homeowners have alarm systems, hidden cameras, and automatic timers to turn lights on and off during certain hours, so it looks like someone is there.  These gadgets range in price and features with many now connected to your hand-held device for 24-hour access and control.

But there are also several simple steps you can take to secure your personal property while you are away that do not cost a great fortune such as:

1. Lock all Windows and Doors

Before leaving for an any trip, it is important to check all your windows and doors to make sure that they are locked and secured. If you haven’t changed your locks for a while or have older locking systems, it might be time to call a locksmith in to inspect and upgrade your securing features to make sure they cannot be easily disarmed or damaged. Thieves have become very adept at breaking into locked homes, but the newer models are not so easy to get into.

2. Hide Your Assets

Leaving appliances, technology, gaming devices and other valuables in plain view from outsiders is a sure way to draw unwanted attention. Hiding your valued items, storing them securely in another location, or taking your gadgets with you will help keep them safe and away from external prying eyes.

3. Have Someone Check on Your Home

Many people choose to hire house sitters or ask friends or family check on their residence while they are away. Ask someone  you trust to stay in your place while you are away or hire a professional service to visit your home daily to inspect your property at different times. This will give the appearance that someone is there while ensuring that your personal abode is safe.

4. Leave a Car in The Driveway

Cars in driveways give the appearance that someone is still in the residence. By leaving an automobile where it can be clearly seen by passerby, strangers will automatically think someone is home and move on.

5. Shovel Walkways

Snow covered walkways, long, unkept grass, and other yard maintenance is a clear indicator that someone is not residing in the home. When perpetrators see yards not kept, they get suspicious. To avoid this attention, hire a service to care for your external property while you are away.

6. Cancel Mail and Paper Delivery

An overflowing mailbox is another sign that no one is in the house. Cancel mail, newspaper, and other services while you are away if you do not have someone who can empty your mailbox daily.

7. Stay off Social Media

Today’s society is glued to social media sites, often posting their daily activities and pictures in their status. Unfortunately, part of those postings includes their vacation destinations and travel itineraries. Would be thieves often look to social media pages to see who is posting their latest trip pics online. To keep your home safe, never let anyone know you are away until after you have returned. Even the highest security settings can be hacked, and if criminals know you are gone, they will  take advantage of your absence.

Protecting your home while you are away is important to keeping your valuables safe and out of the wrong hands.

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