There are many people who travel for business regularly and even though they may be on the road a fair amount, time has to be taken to make plans. It is important to pack light and efficiently as well as pack smart.

Even for experienced travelers, packing is still an issue and time and consideration has to go in planning and packing. So, for someone who is not an experienced business traveler, it can appear to be quite daunting. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to give you a helping hand and relieve much of the stress.

1. Have A Soft Carry-On Bag

Some of the smarter and more experienced business travelers will try to avoid checking bags. However, you do have those attendants who will force you to check your bags at the gate. So, if you have a soft, squishy-type carry-on bag with you, it’s less likely to be taken from you at the gate and you can also store it in the overhead bin. If you use special plastic folders for your clothes, the chances of it getting all wrinkly will be reduced.

2. Check Weight Limitation

Different airlines have their own specific weight limitations, so before you go, make sure to check the airlines’ carry-on size. Then, weigh the bag at home and make sure it is alright and is within all the boundaries set by that particular airline before you set off to the airport.

3. Don’t Pack More Than 2 Suits

For the men, try not to pack more than two suits. This should be more than enough. As for the women, a couple of blazers and a matching pair of pants with a skirt should suffice. Remember, one can be worn while you are flying while the other is nicely packed away.

4. Pack Suits Without Wrinkling

A simple trick you can use to pack a suit without wrinkling it or at least minimize wrinkles and creases is to turn it inside out and then wrap it with something soft like a T-shirt. This will help it to bend less which means wrinkles won’t have a chance to set. If you’ve packed a belt, use it to roll inside your shirt collar to keep the collar in shape.

5. Heavy On Bottom, Light On Top

If you’re using a leather suitcase with wheels, put the heavier items at the bottom of your leather luggage, near the wheels. Place the lighter items on top. This way, the lighter items won’t get crushed or wrinkle as much.

6. Roll Your Clothes

If you are going to pack more clothes than initially anticipated, then instead of folding them, try rolling them. This has a dual effect of maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles. It now gives you the option of packing more clothes in your carry-on.

7. Extra Space In Shoes

If you’ve packed shoes, there’s some valuable space you can utilize. You can stuff some rolled-up socks in there. You can even put underwear in the space. This also helps to keep the shape of your shoes. You could even place toiletries there, so no space will go to waste.

Other things to consider are your batteries for your devices. Make sure it’s all fully charged. Also, make sure to have scans of important documents like your passport and driver’s license. Keep pictures of them on your phone.

Try to reduce as much as possible. If you don’t use something regularly, don’t pack it. Question everything you pack; if it’s not really needed, leave it at home.