Electronic bikes operate and handle just like a regular bike; however, the battery-powered motor comes with a ton of advantages. Obstacles like hills and headwind will no longer ruin your bike rides once you have an electric bike. In addition to the personal benefits, using an electronic bicycle is an excellent way to do your part for the environment. This blog post looks at how electronic bikes work and four reasons why you should invest in one!

Electric bikes are designed to enhance your human power by using a motor to amplify your peddling. Pedal asset mode is when the engine is only active while you’re peddling. This allows you to get a workout, but the ride will be significantly easier. Battery only mode enables you to drive your bike similarly to a moped.

1. Front Hub

Front hub engines propel you forward by spinning the front tire. With the hub located on the front, it creates the sensation that your bike is being pulled forward. Some people new to electric bikes may find this pulling sensation uncomfortable.

2. Mid-Drive

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Mid-drive motors use the battery to send power to your bike’s drivetrain. This creates a more natural sensation thanks to the motor increasing power and torque through the drivetrain. Mid-drive motors help you turn your wheels faster with less physical exertion.

3. Rear Hub

Rear hub motors propel you forward by spinning the back tire. Rear hub motors create a pushing sensation which can feel more natural compared to front hub engines.

Now that you have an idea of how electric bikes work, here’s why you should use them!

4. You Can Get Places You Don’t Usually Have Access To

Freedom is a big part of why people enjoy their electric bikes. Electronic bikes give you the courage to travel to places that you may have previously thought were out of reach. The motor makes it easy to attack new trails and venture off the beaten path without worrying about feeling exhausted. Before you know it, you’ll have a bunch of your own secret spots. 

5. You Will Adopt A More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

The convenience of having an electric motor encourages you to use your bike more often. If you use your bike to commute every day, you’ll only pay a dollar or two a month in transportation costs. Even if you only drive your bike to work few times a week, you still benefit from putting less wear and tear on your car.

In a 2009 National Household Travel Survey, researchers concluded that half of all the trips in the US are less than 3 miles. Having an electric bike is an excellent way to eliminate the daily cost of driving your car simply out of convenience. 

6. No More Showing Up Sweaty

Electric bikes are awesome because you can get a meeting and not worry about needing a shower on arrival. If you’ve ever tried biking to a meeting you know how terrible showing up drenched in sweat is. Electric bikes eliminate the need for a change clothes after your commute.

7. Electronic Bikes Make Riding With Traffic Safer

Riding a regular bike in heavy traffic quickly gets nerve-racking. Electric bikes give you the ability to accelerate which makes it easier to keep up with traffic and get out of danger. Your ability to accelerate makes you less likely to be rear-ended since people will be able to see you. You also won’t have to worry about keeping up with traffic when going up a hill. Electric bikes are the safest way to move with traffic.

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