One of the biggest issues air travellers struggle with is where to leave their cars when they are heading out of town. While people will often leave them with family or friends, this is sometimes not an option which leaves travellers high and dry in their time of need.

For some, it may be a matter of needing to have their car off the street while they are away, or they may simply not have any other means of transportation to the airport. Regardless of the reason, airport parking is a great solution for those who need to leave their vehicles at the airport while they are out of town.

1. Inexpensive

Long-term airport parking provides a cheaper option for travellers who need to keep their cars at the airport. Anybody who has ever parked in the regular hourly parking lot at the airport knows that leaving a car there for any extended period of time would cost a small fortune.

These airport parking lots offer more affordable rates for travellers so that parking their car there makes sense, whether it is for only a couple of days, or for a few weeks. Especially for those who really have no other option, it is super convenient to have affordable parking services on-site that can also simultaneously provide peace of mind for the car owners.

2. Easy access

Airport parking lots will either have easy access to the airport terminal, or will provide a shuttle vehicle that will take car owners to and from the airport terminal. In addition, some services, for an added cost, will provide a VIP valet service. With this service, travellers call as soon as they land, and the car is brought to them.

Either way, airport parking lots make travel between the lot and the terminal quick and easy. For travellers who do not opt for the VIP valet service, some airport parking services, if informed of the owners’ arrival, will ensure that the car is started so that the weary travellers may depart immediately upon reaching their car.

3. Safe

One of the major benefits of long-term airport parking services is that they are safe. These services take multiple safety and security measures to ensure that nothing happens to travellers’ cars while they are on their trips. 24/7 surveillance, bright and complete lot lighting, and fencing are just a few of the methods used to ensure cars are safe.

4. Protection

In addition, parking staff will ensure that the cars are also cleaned off of snow, ice, or other elements while their owners are out of town, and are there to protect the car from damage, and to take care of the car in the unlikely event that damage should come to it.

5. No reservation needed

Travelling requires a lot of planning and booking, why add more stress? With airport parking, travellers can just show up with their cars and drop it off there. Everything is taken care of immediately. It is recommended that, due to the time it will take to get set up in the lot and get to the airport terminal, guests arrive approximately 45 minutes before the recommended check-in time.

6. Earn rewards

For those who travel frequently, airport parking lots that offer rewards programs are an added bonus. For simply leaving a car there while they enjoy a relaxing vacation, travellers can earn points that will give them free parking and discounts during subsequent parking stays. It beats taking a cab or transit to the airport, which will always cost money, without discount, and it means travellers can take themselves straight home without delay upon their return.