Wine – the drink of the elite. Or is it? While wine may be more popularly known as the drink of the people who enjoy the finer things in life, they are not the only people who enjoy it. In fact, the serious image of wine drinker is rapidly changing.

What is adding to this changing image is the sudden, surprising and huge interest cocktails that are based on wines. If you think wine and cocktail are two words that do not belong in the same sentence, be prepared to be amazed.

Below are some of the top wine cocktails you need to try to find out how truly multi-dimensional our good old wine really is.

1. White Peach Sangria

Keep ready: Pinot Grigio, mango rum, peach schnapps, limes, lemons, oranges, lemon-lime soda

Need something for those sunny evenings? The white peach sangria is your answer. The sweetness of the wine, the twist of the mango rum, and the various citrus flavours on offer makes this one of the most refreshing wine cocktails out there. The white peach sangria is the perfect light and bright drink for those light and bright evenings.

2. Bishop Cocktail

Keep ready: red wine, rum, simple syrup, lime juice

The bishop cocktail is one of those vintage wine cocktails that have been popular for ages now. If you ended up buying a lot of red wine (haven’t we all some time in our lives bought lots of red wine?), that you need to drink with a change in taste, this cocktail is for you.

There are some recipes online that say it is ok to skip the rum, but remember that rum makes all wine better, instantly! The best thing about the cocktail is that it mixes thing up a little when it comes to red wine while using ingredients that you can almost always find in your home.

3. White Wine Spritzer

Keep ready: white wine, sparkling water

Talking about ingredients you will always find in your home, how about some white wine and sparkling water? If you are feeling a little lazy making cocktails, but still want to experience wine in a different way, the white wine spritzer is your answer. The drink is extremely easy to make and extremely popular in parties.

It is also a great way to make use of both wine and sparkling water. It also makes your white wine buying a little less expensive. Pro tip: if you don’t have sparkling water lying around, you can substitute it with some regular club soda too.

4. UK Sour

Keep ready: red wine, Scotch whiskey, apricot liqueur, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup

Want to up the ante and try something more intricate when it comes to wine cocktails? UK sour is your answer. Pour yourself some whiskey, single malt is preferred, and add some lemon and cinnamon syrup to introduce some sweet and sour elements to your drink.

Next comes a splash of apricot liqueur to add more density to the drink and top it all with a float of some red wine. Next, raise the glass, toast, and enjoy some delicious wine cocktail.

5. Glamour Girl Martini

Keep ready: pink Pinot Grigio, peach schnapps, cranberry juice

If the name doesn’t do a good job of telling what this is about, let us! The glamour girl martini is the perfect drink for those fun girls night. You can mix the ingredients in your normal shaker or even make a bowl full of it, depending on how long the party is going to last.

With these five recipes, you are ready to experience wine in a different yet delicious light.

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