When your work makes it necessary for you to travel, it can be fun and exciting. You are probably the envy of all your friends. However, it can also be pretty hectic since traveling for business usually means that you will be pressed for time.

There may not be the possibility to let your hair down and relax, but if you can, then you should! You have to meet new people, go through jet lag, long hours on the plane and of course, the hassle and delays of the airport. Naturally, your business trip will feel less hectic if you plan ahead with a local travel agent, but there are still ways to improve your overall travel experience.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make your business trips more pleasant, efficient and tolerable.

1. Try Being Online

Some people cannot sleep on a plane. For these people, unless it is in their bed and in their home, they have trouble sleeping anywhere else!

If you happen to be one such person (and even if you are not), try to book a flight where you have access to in-flight Wi-Fi. It may be more expensive, but if your company is paying for it, perhaps you can consider doing this. You will be able to get some work done just like you would in the office or at home. When you land, you would have managed to free up some time because you got some work done.

2. Eat Well

When on a business trip, try your best to eat well. Don’t indulge in the junk food at the airport and this way, you will be in better shape and feel better when you get back. There are options to eat better and it really boils down to whether you want to use those options or not.

Along with eating properly, drinking water also helps to make you feel better. You are not going to feel better by drinking pop or loads of coffee. You will eventually feel the strain, so eat (and drink) smart.

3. Schedule Some Downtime

If possible, do your best to get some downtime or do some low-key activities or just relax. It can be difficult, depending on a lot of factors but make the effort because it will be worth it. Sometimes you just need to forget it all and concentrate on yourself only. Things like going to a spa or just going for a nice, relaxing walk can do wonders.

If you happen to be traveling with co-workers, perhaps organize something to encourage team-building in a fun way so that it does not feel like it is work.

4. Tennis, Anyone?

Take a tennis ball with you on the flight, especially if it is a longer flight, or if you happen to have aches and pains. You can roll your feet on tennis balls to help massage them and relax you. You can even place them under your thigh so that you don’t get too stiff or sore. You can even use it on your back if you have sore back muscles. This will help you to feel much better after you arrive.

If you already have problems, such as back problems, this will go a long way to make a positive difference in how you feel physically. The only problem is, the person next to you may look at you strangely, but chances are, you’ll never see them again!

Being on a long flight isn’t easy especially if you already have health problems. A few tricks can make the flight and your time afterwards go a lot better.