While any accident is indeed terrifying, a boating accident is even more-so because even if you are not harmed by any initial impact, you still face the risk of drowning. Surviving this type of accident will no doubt leave you happy to be alive but you still may need to address some serious injuries and damage to your boat. If you have been the victim of a boating accident and you were not at fault, filing a lawsuit to seek compensation to help with these issues should be considered and below are reasons why you should hire an attorney to assist.

1. Experienced

If you have been the victim of a boating accident, you want assistance from someone who can maximize your chances of receiving compensation that will help with lost wages and expenses such as mortgages, bills, and other personal effects. When it comes to boating accidents, no ordinary personal injury attorney will be able to help you. Even if one that you approach says they can, you need to do your homework and confirm that they do indeed have experience specific to boating injuries. An attorney experienced and skilled in pursuing compensation for boating accidents can meet with you and get the specifics of your case. He or she can then advise you on whether the case should be pursued or if they consider it weak can recommend the next steps for you to take before filing the lawsuit to increase your chances of a favourable outcome.

2. Investigations

Boating accidents are a little more complex than a car accident with many factors potentially playing roles in the occurrence. An attorney experienced with injuries resulting from a boating accident can take your account of the events and use it to reconstruct the mishap to prove your story beyond a reasonable doubt. The attorney, if he or she is skilled with boating accidents, will often have connections with skilled investigators who can look into the circumstances of your case, take photographs, and provide testimony that will be professional and effective. The attorney in conjunction with the investigator can also identify and interview potential witnesses to back up your case substantially.

3. Advocate

In any type of accident it is common for the insurance company of the defendant to try and mitigate their client’s role in the accident and in turn reduce the amount of compensation they should owe. Boating accidents are no different. Instead of meeting and dealing with insurance companies and risk being intimidated or saying something that could be misconstrued or twisted to work in the insurance company’s favour, a personal injury lawyer can meet with insurance agents and represent your rights and interests. In the event an offer to settle is made, the attorney that you hire can review it and with your needs in mind advise you on whether to accept, reject, or make a counter-offer.

4. Settlement

When you are injured and have lots of expenses you are not able to cover as a result of injuries sustained, it can be extremely difficult to put a price on them to use when requesting compensation. A total that is too big will lead to your lawsuit being viewed as frivolous or based on greed. If you ask for too little it will not be enough to cover costs for medical expenses, lost wages, and personal expenses while you are unable to work not to mention legal fees. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess all of your documentation and come up with a figure that will incorporate all of your present and future needs. He or she will also be able to help you argue for punitive damages that you deserve as a result of being a victim of an accident.